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Thanks for stopping by here are the site updates.

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Another great site I found click PEER. Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service.

Please check it out. 

I added it to freedom links it is on the bottom of the page. 

I added to my blog with information I hope you find helpful and will help spread it PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SHARE.  

I am working on the link for my facebook page also feel free to visit 

Added four new youtube videos on freedom links 

Two law of attraction good detailed talk by Melody Fletcher,  and why bad things happen by Abraham. 

New science on making stress your friend by Kelly McGonigal good mind body explaination. 

I needed a break and Jeff Dunham was perfect check it out.

On the freedom links page I have changed almost all the video selections to more accurately fit them to what is happening now. I added some videos and fixed some that had broken links. 

In my blog I also added two post that I feel are extremely important.

Added a search box where you can look up quotes. It will take you to a site called  They have a massive collection of quotes with a nice search feature.

Due to requests I have put this update page back as the landing page.  I will leave the links above for quick access to those areas.  Thanks for your input hope this improves your visits.

Rearranged the freedom link page to make it more useful and to make it also work on mobile devices.  

I removed the media blitz tab and search feature from my site because it did not work well.

I rewrote the law of attraction tab to include universal law,

I added two additional free use picture sites and I also added a public domain audio book site these are almost all older books whose copyrights have expired and are now free to anyone who wants to use them. 

Sorry for the long silence.  Been in a funk.  Revamping the site.

Added video of Dr John Bergman,  Wim Hof  both men doing great things and breathing exercise of Wim Hof.