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The law of attraction is popular because it states you can create the reality you want.  While this may be true without understanding all the laws it may appear not to work.
The best source I have found to explain the law of attraction was  Melody Fletcher. 
You can listen to her audio book, read her ebook, or use her passion workbook here on my site. If you like it you can go to her site however her site is free but she sells alot on it. 

Here is the audio version of her ebook you can listen to it by clicking on the seven links below.
Deliberate Focus,        Receiving,        Time Buffer,               7 steps
 If you prefer to read it just click on Deliberate Receiving. If you click on the links in the ebook it will take you directly to her site. 
If you want to use her workbook click on this link Finding Your passion You can do all this freely on my site without signing up for anything.

Youtube has tons of videos available on law of attraction with wide range of speakers.  Some speakers I enjoy would be spirtit science, Gregg Bradon,Wayne Dyer,Louise Hay, Bruce Lipton, Mel Robbins.