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My favorites on Youtube

Jeff Dunham I needed a laugh has tons on youtube check it out
Kelly McGonigal Make Stress your friend
Abraham why bad things are happening
Melody Fletcher explains big picture law of attraction
Gregg Braden man or machine
Wayne Dyer  Its up to you
4 agreements explained 
Melody Fletcher your thaughts
spirit science library full of tons of topics
Mel Robbin Stop screwing yourself 
Bruce Lipton Science of brain
Iceman Wim Hof example mind body connection
Louise Hay You can do it
John Bergman helpful exercises
The shift movie by Wayne Dyer movie to see it in modern life


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Universal Law Overview
7 Laws of Universe                                   
11 forgotten laws of the universe               
12 laws of the universe                              
12 karmic laws                                 

Law of attraction intro audio's                    
Energy and Frequency                               
Focus and Creation                                                  
Delibrate Focus                                         

Law of attraction intro in a ebook             
Delibrate Receiving                                 
Finding your passion workbook    
Other interesting articles                            
Npl and law of attraction                             
10 steps to freeddom                                 
Review of 4 agreements                                                 

Set of e books on methods of self improvement.

Set of 50 tips basic information but could be useful.

Take a break e books

James Allen

Free websites education site education site spirtual site
James allen book site picture site my favorite go to site for anything