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August 26 2019

FREE online learning at I can't say enough about this site. World class education that is free online in 195 countries with 1000's of courses to study.  

This is awsome.  Anyone with the internet can now get educated. 

 Cleaning up my laptop so I will be adding e books to the website.  I will list them here so they are easy to find. 

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY, please do not repost these.

July 19 2019

Set of e books on various methods of self improvement.

July 12 2019
Set of 50 tips in each e books basic information but could be useful.

Added new video Mel Robbins,Gregg Bradon, and Louise Hay the old videos are no longer available. 

I just found this on youtube and wanted to share it link is below.
Dr Allen Mandell DC  I really feel he just wants to help people and that is rare these days.

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Law of attraction intro audio's                    Other ebooks

Intro                                                        Have a laugh
Energy and Frequency                               Have a laugh 2
Focus and Creation                                    365 daily quotes              
Delibrate Focus                                         Famous quotes
Receiving                                                  Quotes

Law of attraction intro in a ebook               James Allen ebooks

Delibrate Receiving                                   As a Man Thinketh
Finding your passion workbook                  All these Things Added
                                                               Eight Pillars of prosperity
Other articles on universal law
7 Laws of Universe                                   Other speakers video         
12 laws of the universe                              Bruce Lipton
12 karmic laws                                          spirit science
working with the law                                  Louise Hay
                                                                Wayne Dyer                                                                                      Mel Robbin
Other interesting articles