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Alison offers over 1000 free online courses across nine distinct 

IT Courses
IT training courses includes lessons on how to develop software, manage computer networks, and maintain vital IT systems across computers and phones. IT professionals are some of the most valued employees today. By studying up, you can join their ranks.

Language Courses
Language courses are designed so that any language learner, from Beginner German and Italian students to Advanced French and English learners, can find the course they need. 

Science Courses
Science courses covers every essential topic in the fascinating category of Science. By taking these science courses, you will learn how to experiment and explore the natural world, boost your knowledge of every science subject from Physics and Astronomy to Chemistry and Biology.

Health Courses
Health courses explores highly important aspects of physical fitness and mental wellbeing, as well as caring for others. These online health courses, from nutrition to exercise, can benefit you in really fundamental ways.

Humanities Courses
Humanities  courses on the social sciences, psychology courses, and history courses, to courses on personal development, geography, and politics, the Humanities contains knowledge that can be used by all mankind. 

Business Courses
Business courses will guide you through every aspect of the modern business environment, from how to write a perfect résumé to the top management skills in demand today. 

Math Courses
These Math courses will guide you through basic and advanced Math principles on everything from Fractions and Algebra to Geometry and Calculus. 

Marketing Courses
Marketing courses, from social media marketing and marketing management courses to public relations tutorials and digital marketing lessons, will teach you how to attract customers and convince them to buy and use your product or service. 

Lifestyle Courses
Lifestyle courses span many areas of learning, from photography and music to arts and crafts and skilled trades. These courses will help you create and nurture a rewarding lifestyle.