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About My Site
My personal improvement  plan
I want to help others who have a desire to empower them self to be amazing. We are all capable of anything we desire  finding our way is usually where we get lost.
No one can tell you what is  right for you because that is something only you know. 

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We have access to unlimited information these days.  Anything you want to know can be easily found.  

I love youtube just listening and watching videos has given me tons of ideas to research.  There is also tons of information on the internet the problem is sorting it out so it makes any sense.  I never take any one source as fact, when I hear about something I have to look it up and find the evidence to back up the ideas.

The problem seems to be getting quality information. The quality of the information is what you must make a unique and personal decision on.

You must decide for yourself to accept or reject it based on your instincts. THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL TRUTH FOR ALL.  WE MUST ALWAYS LISTEN TO OUR INSTINCTS THEY WERE GIVEN TO US FOR A REASON.